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Thermal Insulation Solutions can make your job easier with user-friendly products, accurate application data and expert answers just a quick call away. Whether you are an established spray foam contractor or new to the industry, Thermal Insulation Solutions can provide you with quality products while offering unrivalled support. Thermal Insulation Solutions has been in the spray polyurethane foam business for more than 10 years and understands the unique challenges and needs of its authorized Contractors. People call us every day looking for reputable contractors in your area. We’d love to send them your way.

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TIS's highly skilled technical team is striving to consistently exceed your expectations
Our goal is to ensure product quality, deliver products on time and find solutions for your unique applications
TIS's accurate application guidelines will help you to complete projects faster and waste less product
TIS is committed to provide high-quality products at lower costs, which helps to improve customer satisfaction while driving increased revenues
TIS's consultative approach allows you to customize our products based on your needs and meet building codes with confidence