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Most Effective Insulation

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Most Effective Insulation

Spray Polyurethane Foam-Insulation of the Future

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) insulation is the future of energy efficient construction and a step towards green globe. For decades, fiberglass and cellulose insulation was the industry standard for any home or commercial insulation project. While effective, traditional insulation leaves space for air to pass through and moisture to collect creating dampness over time because it covers gaps and cracks like a blanket.

Why Choose
Spray Foam over Traditional?

SPF insulation completely seals the hidden areas, gaps and irregular spaces providing a superior R-value per inch in addition to fast application. Today, SPF insulation has become a material of choice for the builders, architects and homeowners around the world.

  • Reason #1


    Not only is spray foam insulation completely safe to use inside your home or business, it’s a healthier alternative to traditional insulation. Spray foam helps keep pollutants and allergens out, and improves air quality indoors.

  • Reason #2


    Spray foam is affordable to install, plus it delivers immediate monthly savings in heating and cooling costs and increases the value of your home. Spray foam pays for itself in energy savings in less than five years.

  • Reason #3


    Spray Foam Insulation’s tight seal will dramatically reduce your home’s energy consumption— and that’s the most environmentally friendly thing any of us can do.

Not sure where to start?
Thermal Insulation Solutions can help

Thermal Insulation Solutions is Australia’s leading SPF insulation company and has extensive experience in the production and application of SPF system for residential, commercial and industrial sectors. We pride ourselves in delivering outstanding quality products and services.

Residential Insulation

Australians are facing significant environmental and economic impacts from climate change and this has triggered the need for new innovative solutions to combat the extreme weather. SPF insulation is gaining popularity among existing and new homeowners because it is cost-effective, environmental benign and energy efficient. Contact us today to inquire about ECOTIF500® if you want to be warmer forever!

Commercial & Industrial Insulation

We offer a range of commercial insulation services for industrial, farming and mining sectors. We have the best products and application expertise to customise insulation solution for any industry. Our SPF insulation products like ECOTIF2000® suits a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications. Contact us today to achieve strict energy performance standards and maximize your investment.


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