As an industry leader in high performance spray foam insulation, Thermal Insulation Solutions strives to raise the bar in energy efficiency and sustainable industry practices.

The ECOTIF® Advantage

Our products are used in many industries beyond commercial buildings and residential construction. Thermal Insulation Solutions (TIS) makes substantial investments in research and development year-over-year to ensure you get innovative products to improve customer satisfaction and enhance your brand while driving increased revenues for your business. Additionally, TIS’s consultative approach allows you to customize our products based on your specific needs.

ECOTIF® - One Brand serving multiple Industries

ECOTIF3000® can be used to insulate the frac tanks in order to maintain water temperature for fracking in oil and gas industry
ECOTIF2500® is developed for use in poultry, dairy, equestrian, farm and ranch applications where high performance is required
ECOTIF2000® is the best option for underslab insulation for suspended concrete slabs to improve energy efficiency and condensation control
ECOTIF® closed-cell SPF has excellent buoyancy properties and is a material of choice for boats, buoys, docks and flotation devices
ECOTIF® medium density SPF is essential for refrigerated and unrefrigerated trucks carrying goods and materials sensitive to temperature fluctuations
ECOTIF® unique SPF can either be poured or injected for in-situ abandonment of all underground storage tanks with minimum disruption