COSMOPOL: Specialty Polyol to produce highly fire rated total water blown rigid PU systems with a density range of 8 Kg/m3 to 35 Kg/m3 with 1:1 ratio by volume for greener environment.

ECOTIF: Specialty Polyol to produce rigid PU Systems that are total water blown or co blown with cost effective environmentally benign physical blowing agents like Methylal etc of density range between 15 Kg/m3 to 35 Kg/m3 with 1:1 ratio by volume for greener environment.

Our range of ECOTIF® SPF products can reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 40% or more

Thermal Insulation Solutions SPF insulation products create a tight, energy-efficient building envelope that’s made to last.

Closed Cell

ECOTIF® medium density spray foam products deliver superior moisture resistance, advanced temperature control and added structural support. Closed-cell spray foam is ideal for residential, commercial and industrial projects with an even tighter seal and higher R-value per inch.

  • Improves structural strength
  • Ideal for areas that require a tougher, more durable option
  • Cost-effective for use in large spaces
  • Frequently used in residential, multi-unit residential, institutional, commercial, and agricultural projects

ECOTIF1500® | ECOTIF2000®  

Open Cell

ECOTIF® light density open cell spray foams expand into crevices and cracks to create a precision seal that beats traditional batts insulation and other loose fill products. Our easy-to-install foams provide a high R-Value per inch, creating more comfortable and consistent indoor temperature control and optimum energy efficiency.

  • Low air filtration reduces pollutants, dust and allergens from outside
  • Cost-effective and builder-friendly
  • Open-cell structure delivers noise-reduction qualities
  • Commonly used in exterior and interior walls, residential roofs and under floors

ECOTIF500® | ECOTIF700® | ECOTIF1000® 


Thermal Insulation Solutions (TIS) develops and manufactures some of the highest performing polyurethane spray foam products in the world

ECOTIF® Spray Foam vs Traditional Insulation

Guaranteed Building Performance

ECOTIF® spray foam products create a tighter building envelope, improves air quality and gives you better indoor climate control year-round

A Return On Investment

ECOTIF® spray foam can be a great money-saver by helping to lower energy bills through reducing air leaks and improving energy efficiency

Higher R-value

ECOTIF® spray foam is a powerful insulation material with a high R-value and fill the tiniest gaps for a tight seal that lasts

Adds Physical Support

ECOTIF® spray foam products are specially formulated to support the overall structure of your property depending on the application and thickness

All Products

Thermal Insulation Solutions has a wide range of innovative and cost-effective SPF products, formulated for durability and ease of use

A high-performing, 0.5 lb. open-cell spray polyurethane foam insulation for new and existing walls, roofs, closed cavities and floors. Building professionals can achieve new standards in commercial, residential, agricultural and industrial construction.

Product Brochure | Technical Data Sheet | Safety Data Sheet

At a core density of 0.75 lb., this open-cell foam is air impermeable and optimized to help builders meet strict building code requirements. ECOTIF®700 is an insulation system designed for use in residential applications. Use it in lieu of more traditional forms of insulating materials such as fiberglass, cellulose, or other loose-fill products.

Product Brochure | Technical Data Sheet | Safety Data Sheet

An environmental benign 2.0 lb closed cell polyurethane spray foam system ideal for residential and commercial applications resulting in dramatic reduction in heating and cooling costs with an added structural strength.

Product Brochure | Technical Data Sheet | Safety Data Sheet


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